FLASH Christmas sale! [UPDATED: Sale is over]

This is with great excitement that I introduce my first limited edition print. I’ve chosen my most popular shot, the one who got me international recognition, ‘Provence, the summer haircut’. Possibly one of the most awarded drone photo of the year.

A unique image

It is a very original angle from one of the most beautiful places on earth, Provence during the lavender season. It was selected by National Geographic this year as the best 2017 drone image in the nature category and has been published in countless publications: CNNBBC


The history

3 years ago, I was still an executive in a big advertising agency looking for a hobby. I bought a drone out of curiosity and got quickly hooked on the new capacities it offered. I learned everything I could about photography in my spare time, working in mornings and weekends for 2 years before I could reach the level of quality I wanted. Being from the south of France, I wanted an iconic shot of the lavender fields that are everywhere in my region when summer begins. I had some thoughts in mind as to what I wanted, but as often is the case in photography, you need a part of luck. In this instance, I had spotted these harvesters working on the side of a field. But it wasn’t a picture until the harvester suddenly decided to go straight in the middle of the lavender fields that knew I had to launch the drone to capture this special moment.

The paper

If like me you like vibrant colours, I’ve spent hours choosing the paper that reproduces the shade of purple in all it’s glory. I’m using Hahnemuhle German Etching paper, a heavy-duty paper with a textured finish a velvety matt surface, and a warm white hue with traits of a traditional artist board. It’s really expensive but it really makes the lavender pop and gives it a 3D-like feel.

The details are just insane!

Put a piece of Provence on your wall

The complementary colour palette of rich purple hues and vibrant greens make this image a real stand out on white and bright walls. But it can also work really well with darker walls.

A unique opportunity

This is a print that needs a big size to show it’s full potential. There will be only 50 signed prints of this image on A2 in 2017 for £145 and 50 A1 for £245 in 2018. There will be no further production of this image after this.

UPDATE: It’s Monday morning, I’ve received the first batch of prints from the printer. There is only 4 left to go. I will print the second half next year, so this is your last chance for a while.

Exact size of this batch A2: 594 x 420 mm or 23.4 x 16.5 in.

Sale is now over

The sale is now over, I have sold the first batch of prints. I will be printing the second batch in 6 months next year. Stay tuned!

You are not only buying a great piece of art but supporting me in future trips. As a customer, you will be first to be contacted about new prints and will receive discounts on the next images I’m going to print.

Free shipping in UK and Europe. For the rest of the world, drop me a line. Frame not included!


About Me

I'm Jerome, a French photographer based in London. I love drone photography, but know this can be challenging. My drone work last year was published in countless publications and website, and you can do too if you know the basis of photography and have decent editing skills. I wanted to create this website to teach you what I've learned to make your drone photos from meh to wow.