About me

Well hi there!

I’m Jerome, I’m a French photographer based in London.  I’ve been using drones for the last three years. At first for video only, but I’ve been gradually taking more and more photos with it, as the cameras are getting better. I currently own a Phantom 4, before that I owned the P3 (which is currently held by the customs in Marrakech, but that’s another story!), and the phantom 2 before that, attached to a Gopro 4, which made taking pictures really difficult. I haven’t upgraded to the 4 Pro just yet, because I had bought the P4 just a couple of months before they released the Mavic and P4 Pro, so biting the bullet on that one and waiting to see what DJI does next, hopefully a Mavic with a better camera!

Drone photography is hard, especially when you are just starting out. It’s hard to know what to take pictures of and it’s even harder to know how to edit them. I wanted to create this website to help you take better photos and know how to edit them properly. To give you the tools to match your vision. It takes a bit of work, but I can guarantee it will be worth it!

Drone photography is still in its infancy. Which is why it’s so exciting. Cameras have been around for more than a century. Drones have only really become popular in the last two years. Not everything has been pictured from the air. There is still a huge room for discovery and creativity. Which is why I love drone photography.

But drone images can be incredibly difficult to edit because of the small sensor in the cameras. We can’t yet compare the quality you get from a tiny camera on a drone to the camera I get from my Canon 5d3 or sony A7r2. But with the right expertise, you can get pretty darn close.

Last year (2016) was really the year my drone photography took off. My work has been featured in DJI anniversary book, ‘Above the world’, I was the only photographer with two images in the ’20 best drone images of 2016′ by Dronestagram. My pictures have been published in dozens of high profiles websites, magazines and newspapers, and a fair share of likes online. I even made money selling prints and photos to some publications, which was the icing on the cake.

This was all possible because I had already been learning photography for a few years before grabbing a drone. I had a good understanding of light, composition, and critically, knew how to edit pictures.


I hope you are ready to go on the journey to become a better photographer with me, it will be fun.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line or get in touch. I answer every one.

Enjoy and fly safe!


About Me

I'm Jerome, a French photographer based in London. I love drone photography, but know this can be challenging. My drone work last year was published in countless publications and website, and you can do too if you know the basis of photography and have decent editing skills. I wanted to create this website to teach you what I've learned to make your drone photos from meh to wow.